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Episode 280: Acid Age: Jude McIlwaine (Guitars/Vocals) of the Antrim based thrash band talks about preparations for the two new Acid Age releases.

January 19th, 2024

It was a pleasure to welcome back Jude McIlwaine (guitarist/vocals) of three piece thrash inferno Acid Age to the podcast. The band have had a busy 2023 gig wise with the culmination of recording a live concert in Belfast in December 2023, along with that there's an upcoming studio release for fans to sink their teeth into for 2024. Myself and Joe of Gama Bomb get some updates on the both releases that are currently being readied in the Acid Age camp, we talk about the development of Judes new finger picking style, a possible change in vocal delivery, new music and we delve into a few of our favourite thrash acts in this jam packed episode. As always please make sure you're SUBSCRIBED to both the YouTube channel and podcast for more episodes like this. Thanks, Richie.
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