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Episode 279: Rough Justice: James (Vocals) & Elliot (Guitar) talk to Letty about their new debut LP 'Faith In Vain' and about the Hardcore scene in Sheffield.

January 16th, 2024

James Tippett (Vocals) & Elliot Reynolds (Guitar) of Sheffield Hardcore band Rough Justice talk to Letty about their debut full length 'Faith In Vain' released on January the 12th this year. A semi-discography, the record is interwoven with violent, impactful and introspective material that gives Faith In Vain a unique feel and encapsulates what Rough Justice is all about. The lads talk about the UK hardcore scene, go into details about the recording of 'Faith In Vain' and as huge metal fans, the band has subconsciously introduced more sophisticated guitar parts and structures, without departing from the straightforward heaviness that has maintained their popularity since their inception. The band themselves didn't target a specific sound or set of influences while writing the record which is arguably what makes it difficult to compare with much else. Faith In Vain is a showcase of unique song structures and riffs that highlight the band's progression as songwriters without ever losing sight of their hardcore sensibilities. Please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube Channel if you want to see more interviews like this. Thanks.
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