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Episode 281: Beithíoch: a solo death/black metal artist from Derry, who released his 'Beowolf' ep in 2023 to much critical acclaim.

January 26th, 2024

Beithíoch is a death/black metal solo project from the northwest of Ireland with a name that, translated from Irish, means ‘Beast’. Beithíoch's music, spanning several releases, is as unsettling as it is captivating, marked by unusual old Irish, Greek and Norse inspired lyrics and stories. Existing on the fringes of black/death metal, it does not fully apply to the core essences of this type of music which makes for a fascinating for the listener. We discuss the inception of the solo project, the themes and lyrics of Beithíoch's latest brilliant ep 'Beowolf'. I also talk to him about his approach to writing music, the next step in the evolution of Beithíoch, his views on the current metal culture/scene in Ireland and many more insights into the artist know only as Beithíoch.
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Link to Beithíoch:
Songs played:
Headhunter © Beithíoch, all rights reserved.
Into the Lair of the Beast © Beithíoch, all rights reserved.

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