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Episode 193: The Sluagh: Avi, Sean (guitars) & Killian (backing vocals/guitars) of Tech Death and Prog Metal band, The Sluagh.

September 9th, 2022

Myself and Danielle had a brilliant chat with Avi, Killian & Sean guitarists of The Sluagh! The mystique of the band considering they all wear masks along with the ferocity of the music had us intrigued. The Sluagh or Sluagh na marbh ('host of the dead'), were the hosts of the unforgiven dead in Irish and Scottish folklore. The Sluagh have released two studio albums as part of one album cycle, titled ‘Enivid Creatures’. The second album ‘Enivid Creatures 2’ is entirely instrumental and the lads explain their reasons for that and working with Micheal Richards of Trackmix Studios along with Michael La Viola at MLV studios. There was significant experimentation at the onset of writing both albums, drawing inspiration from both classical composers, while also strongly influenced by technical and progressive metal bands. It's an exciting time to chat with The Sluagh considering what they have planned for the next few months so I hope you enjoy the episode and please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell Youtube channel. Thanks Richie.
Hemispheres (c) The Sluagh
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