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Episode 194: HAINT. Ian (guitars/vocals) & Steve (Drums) join me to talk about upcoming singles, gigs and songwriting.

September 16th, 2022

HAINT. It was a pleasure to welcome Ian Booth (guitars/vocals) & Steve Hobson (Drums) of the immense Haint. The trio including Darren Lavery (Bass/Vocals) are steadily crafting songs in the background for the last three years and it's only now we are able to hear the fruits of their intense labour. I talk to Ian & Steve about the reasons why it's taken so long to get these tracks out, a well received debut appearance on Bloodstock and some insights into how they go about writing songs. Haint are almost impossible to pin down in relation to their sound but certainly if you are a fan of Mastodon riffs along with Neurosis/Tool you should find comfort within the Haint vortex. Fans of the Northern Ireland based band will be delighted to know that a new single is coming out called 'Hal' along with some exciting gigs on the horizon, so if you enjoyed the interview please 'SUBSCRIBE' to the show! Thanks Richie.
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