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Necrokinesis - A Force Made Flesh

The resurgence of our most revered and respected thrash and death metal bands has in theory, its core values well intact, but often sounding a little jaded and forced. Not all, but some. So, for me, it’s brilliant to see new bands emerging with the soul and crux of their sound echoing all those bands that laid the foundations and built fortresses for us to worship for decades.

Necrokinesis is one such project that has been flying the flag of hate since 2020, and this week, has released their sophomore album, A Force Made Flesh. Hailing from the banks of the River Barrow, Adrian Foley is the man behind the project. Adrian writes and performs everything on the album, making Necrokinesis a DIY project that has all the nuclear power and all the potency needed to make the sound and sonic soundscape of this album monumental.

A Poisoned Mind wastes no time is laying siege with its traditional thrash fueled onslaught, full of high tempo percussions and razor-sharp riffs that cut through the track with ease. The energy and force of 80’s and 90’s come hurtling towards you, with all these little nuances and shadings adorning the track, and indeed the album. Lead solos, down tuned bass guitars and flourishes of unbridled fury make this a glorious journey down memory lane. Saying this, don’t think for a second that there isn’t something new or fresh on display here. Even though its roots travel deep, Necrokinesis is breeding new life into that thrash and death sound. The production is top drawer and the clean crisp transitions from big power chords to vicious shredded rhythm sections is seamless.

There are eight tracks on offer here, all bringing the helter skelter we crave. Tracks like The God You Kneel To, has that Sepultura guitar sound you heard on Dead Embryonic Cells ringing through it, but another layer of sound is added to the mix, a faint synthesized backdrop, which adds to the menace and drama. More finger flourishes along the fretboard and grim, visceral growls finish off this beast of a track.

Tracks like Atonement change things up a bit in terms of pace and power, bringing the tempo down a level or two, before the ferocious Skin Them Alive pummels the senses with its high-octane assault. Double kicked bass drums and blood curdling riffs pulverise and punish you without remorse. This is high speed death and thrash metal at its finest.

Another standout track for me is Long Cold Dark, which has all the horror and dread you find curdled up in tracks like Dead Skin Mask. Devoid of vocals, the track transcends from the depths beneath and spirals skywards on a tornado of swirling lead solos and thick deadpan rhythm sections. I am a sucker for instrumental music, so this track really hits the spot, and could have continued on for another two or three minutes easily.

The album closes with A Force Made Flesh, and like all that has gone before it, each element plays its part perfectly. It’s harsh and spiteful tirades intertwined with high tempo drums and shuddering riffs create the perfect storm. Call it thrash metal, death metal, or heavy metal, Necrokinesis have certainly filled a void that has been ignored for too long. It’s polished when it needs to be, and explosive when it wants to be. A stellar release.