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LaVein – Fine Failure

Like a bubbling cauldron of concentrated acid, the hardcore/metalcore scene in Ireland is spitting and spewing out some seriously vicious talent in the form of bands like Worn Out and Bailer, to name just two. Well, Dublin’s LaVein can now join the list of names that have forcefully pushed their brutal and pummelling live energy right through the studio doors. Fine Failure is due for release on the 5th May and believe me when I tell you that this is a debut EP that kicks, punches, and batters.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Josh Sid Robinson, Fine Failure is six tracks of gritty, bloodthirsty malevolence that harbours a subtle but infectious melodic streak that flows and cleanses the senses. Right from the opening 54 second opener, We Know Who You Really Are, the clarity and immense power is clear to see. Gouging riffs, machine gun percussions and a blistering bass guitars collide and break ground for the following track Your Hate is Not Ours. The snarling and malignant vocals of Peter Cooney hit you square in the face, and you can literally feel ever spit and visceral tirade rain over you. The dirty, down-turned riffs of Conor Molloy and Jamie Coombs collapse to the floor and crawl over the angry bass lines of Rossa Molloy, generating a tsunami of raw power and intent.

Crash The Gates is a maelstrom of speed and disorder that’s relentless and unwavering. It pounds and punches without respite under the machine that is Lachlan Hill on drums. Lachlan’s angst follows right into the opening riffs of Memories Lost in a Wave, but oddly enough this track seems to bleed melody, and dare I use the word harmony, similar to what you hear in bands like In Flames, and others in that nordic melodic death mould.

Don't Go in the Water is the standout track for me, and one of the main reasons for this is Peter’s vocals. They are tested to the limit with those driving, high-end notes and their near-clean delivery, but the thing is, he fucking nails it! The title track Fine Failure brings the EP to a close and to be honest, it encompasses everything that was done right throughout this record. It's hardcore as hell, with just enough metallic polish to elevate it above the norm. LaVein have found their groove and have harnessed all the energy and discomfort that’s found in the hardcore scene and pebble dashed it with some penetrating metalcore nuances, giving them a bit of a USP that will see them get plenty of admirers in Ireland and further afield. A solid debut EP.