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Episode 8: Archaós. Aaron and Luke talk about the new release of their e.p "Liberation".

April 19th, 2019

Archaós released their brilliant sophomore e.p Liberation to the Irish Metal Community on March 22nd 2019. Aaron on bass and Luke frontman/guitarist visited The Metal Cell studios to talk about how they wrote, recorded and mixed the e.p themselves along with fellow band members Alessio on guitar/death vocals and Chris on drums. Cans of beer were cracked open to a discussion on Dantes "The Divine Comedy", attacking metal objects with axes for the opening track Dugga and what it means for a band like Archaós to find their sound in a thriving Irish Metal Scene. So sit back and enjoy this great episode with the 2 lads of Archaós who certainly can make a huge difference to Irish Metal given their chance. Shout outs to Partholón, God Alone, Bailer, Zhora, Worn Out, From The Bogs of Aughiska, Words That Burn, Interference, Yurt and of course Dead Label and Ten Ton Slug. #supportirishmetal
Songs featured: Dugga & Liberation © Archaós, 2019, all rights reserved

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