The Metal Cell Podcast

Episode 7: Talking Old School Metal with Pat Clancy and Tony 'Toby' Boyle

April 12th, 2019

The Metal Cell was delighted to have hosted Pat Clancy and Tony 'Toby' Boyle, two absolute legends of the Cork and Irish Metal Scene. They have gone to countless gigs, collected a huge array of priceless memorabilia with Pat in possession of over 9,000 vinyl records, original tapes and demos of all genres in metal and shared their passion for metal to thousands across the world. It really is a great example of how two guys from Ireland connected with and communicated with fellow metallers in an age where facebook wasn't available, downloads didn't exist and hard copies mattered. Enjoy the conversation and please share it if you like it. Shout outs to Metal Radio Ireland, King Woes Court Podcast and Tommy from the Soundcellar.

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