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Episode 6: Mark "Mossy" Morrissey of Paranoid Beast Promotions reveals that being Paranoid is great for the Cork Metal Scene.

April 6th, 2019

Mossy's contribution to the Cork and Irish Metal Scene in one year has been nothing short of immense. Born and raised in Cork, his enthusiasm, vision and passion for metal is backed up by a professional approach which is second to none. The fact that he is 'sound' adds to the many ingredients needed to run successful metal shows in Cork. On this episode Mossy talks about the Irish and Cork metal scenes, the influence of stoner metal on him, the gigs he went to since he was a kid and his collection of art that has rival collector Lars Ulrich looking over his shoulder. He also talks about upcoming Paranoid Beast Promotions that feature Dead Witches, Wolf Council, Elder Druid and Soothsayer on the 19th of April in the Spailpin and The Magnapinna, Damage Grows and Red Sun Alert on the 27th of April in Freds. The 2019 Monolith Festival on Aug 3rd in Cypress Avenue. Shout outs to Room 101, Peter at DME, Magnapinna and Howard, Jim Tobin, Con Doyle, Pat Clancy, Judgment, Kemikill, Dead Label and Grey Stag. It's a great interview so please share it, leave a like on fb and any feedback is much appreciated. #supportirishmetal

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