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Episode 70: Producer and Mixing Engineer Series: Josh Robinson. Show also features members of Survivalist and Heel of Achilles who all have worked with Josh.

April 30th, 2020

I was so pleased to welcome Josh Robinson on the Producer and Mixer Series as I have been a massive fan of his work and bands that he has chosen to work with for a long time. Joining us on the Podcast also were Taylor and Gavin from Survivalist and Paddy, Daire and Steve of Heel of Achilles. It was a huge edit considering it was all done using Zoom, the sound outcome was patchy enough in stages during the interview due to connection issues and apologies for that. Nevertheless all the band members were terrific and very informative in helping us the listener understand what Josh brings to the mixing desk as a producer and sound engineer. His creativity in lyrical videos, willingness to move past financial gain to work with bands is very unique and refreshing. Thanks to Oracle, Survivalist and Heel of Achilles for the songs as well. Hope you enjoy the Podcast and remember please share, convert or subscribe to the YouTube channel. Thanks Richie. #supportyourlocalmetalscene.

Songs featured and permission granted:
In which I Envy (c) Survivalist, 2020 all rights reserved.
Hollow (c) Oracle, 2020 all rights reserved.
Stratosphere (c) Heel of Achilles, 2020 all rights reserved.

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