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Episode 69: Dave Moore (DJ with Today FM) and Evan Prendergast (Worn Out) talk about their love of the Metal Scene.

April 23rd, 2020

I was delighted to welcome back long-time contributor to the show Evan from Worn Out/The Metal Cell Forums along with his legendary DJ pal Dave from Today FM's Dermot and Dave Show to talk about their love of the Metal Scene. Dave talks about his teenage years following Metal and as he grew older how his love for Metal music stayed with him through various stages of his professional working life. So many great Metal acts are talked about on this show, with Evan offering his insights into his influences and talking about his terrific Irish Metal/hardcore band Worn Out. The banter and laughter are second to none on this show so be sure to share it, leave a rating if you enjoy it. The bands suppling the absolute HEFT on this week’s Podcast were King Witch from Edinburgh, Wolf Acid Ritual from Kilkenny and Diamir from Lisburn.

Songs featured and permission granted:
Body of Light (c) King Witch, 2020 all rights reserved.
The Hidden Secrets (c) Wolf Acid Ritual, 2020 all rights reserved.
Behind the Facade (c) Diamir, 2020 all rights reserved.

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