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Episode 54: Spirit Merchant's Colin, Ollie and Leon discuss the creation and shaping of their new songs as a big year approaches for them as a new band.

January 9th, 2020

The Metal Cell was delighted to start off 2020 with the first of a series of new acts to look out for in the Irish Metal Scene. Spirit Merchant's Colin Bolger (Vox/Guitars), Leon (Bass/Effects) and Ollie (Drums) all have a wealth of experience between them in their respective bands Zhora, Coroza and Medicant. It was great to sit down with the lads and explore the fundamental building blocks of Spirit Merchant. Having seen their debut last year, I was intrigued to hear how they've progressed as a three piece and they were quick to tell me that they had no shortage of new songs. It didn't surprise me to hear they were experimenting with various tones to bring a earthier soundscape to enrich the listeners experience and the conversation flowed around such topics as their band name, lyrics and festivals. The next few months will be important for Spirit Merchant with an upcoming appearance in Metal 2 The Masses and the release of a debut E.P. Colin, Ollie and Leon are seriously talented musicans and it was great to chat about the Metal Scene from their perspective. I have no doubt that they are ready to take a giant step into making 2020 a year to remember for those who witness them live and hope that whatever they release will live long in the memory of Irish Metal music.

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