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Episode 55: John Real of Bad Reputation and the famous Siege Festivals talks about his life promoting Metal in Limerick.

January 16th, 2020

The Metal Cell Podcast made the short trip up to Limerick to sit down and have a chat with John of Bad Reputation/Siege of Limerick. John along with Ciaran Culhane have put Limerick on the map as a destination for Irish Metal since the Sieges inception in 2008. They have steadily grown the brand of Bad Reputation and The Siege festival for it to be internationally recognised as one of the best indoor free festivals in Europe. A bi-annual event, The Siege of Limerick showcases the best of Irish Metal bands, playing alongside U.K and International acts. John certainly knows how to tell a great story and offers some fascinating insights into being a promoter trying to deal with a myriad of issues. Of course, the interview wouldn't be complete without the fantastic story of Amon Amarth and Bethemoth playing King Johns Castle. Long may John, Ciaran and all their fantastic team, many whom are mentioned, continue to fly the flag for the Irish Metal Community in Limerick. Special shout out to Dolans for hosting all us thirsty and hungry metalheads throughout the years. Enjoy the Podcast and if you haven't already, kindly leave a review on whatever platform you listen to it on. Thanks. #supportyourlocalmetalscene

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