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Episode 53: Green Hell Part 2. A Metal Cell Compilation featuring 14 of the best Irish Metal Releases of 2019.

January 2nd, 2020

The Metal Cell Compilation Green Hell Pt.2 is my way of ending 2019 with a solid dose of Irish heft. This year has been an incredible year for the Irish Metal Scene and the 30 tracks in Pt1 & Pt2 I selected are my way of acknowledging the hardwork and craftmanship that goes into making these releases so special. All these bands have Merch for sale and regularly tour around the country so be sure to check out their social media sites. Thanks for all your continued support in 2020.

  1. God Alone: Madthing
  2. BiCurious: Sleep
  3. Hedfuzzy: Broken Mirrors
  4. Lugosi: Ash vs Evid Dead
  5. Brake Loose; Through The West
  6. Withered Fist: This is my Mountain
  7. Archaos: Liberation
  8. Grey Stag: The Boats
  9. Drought: Plague Trader
  10. Golgotha: Metroid
  11. Ketos: Ascendant
  12. Psykosis: Tossed to the Dogs
  13. Aponym: Beserker
  14. Cursed Sun: Vendetta.

All rights to the songs belong to their respective owners. Permission was granted for use of the tracks and thanks to all the bands featured on this compilation.

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