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Episode 50: Grey Stag's Matt, Steve and Gat (Alternative Matt) joined me upstairs in Fred Zeppelin's to celebrate their sophomore release "The Boats" E.P

December 12th, 2019

What a fitting way to celebrate the 50th Episode of the Podcast than to catch up with one of my favourite bands Grey Stag. They were down in Cork to also celebrate something; the release of their crushingly heavy "The Boats e.p". Matt, Steve and Gat (Alternative Matt) were soon relaxed enough after the trauma of Cork's traffic, to happily give some key insights into the plans and pre-production of making "The Boats". The discussion around the development of the band was interesting and the recognition of improving gear, being ready for a big festival if the call comes certainly shows Grey Stag are looking at 2020 as a break through year. Anytime you meet these lads you're guaranteed to have the craic and also see an amazing performance. Enjoy the 50th Podcast and thanks again to Grey Stag for sharing it with me.

Songs featured: The Boats and Labyrinth (c) Grey Stag, 2019 all rights reserved.

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