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Episode 51: Green Hell Part 1. A Metal Cell Compilation (featuring my favourite belter's of 2019)

December 19th, 2019

The Metal Cell Compilation Green Hell Pt.1 (featuring my favourite belter's of 2019) is my way of ending 2019 with a solid dose of Irish heft. This year has been an incredible year for the Irish Metal Scene. The quality of the releases from all our bands has truly brought it to another level in musicianship and professionalism. The amount of bands vying for our attention is incredible, artists created some of their best work ever for album designs and t-shirt's, different genres within the scene sparked lots of interest and encouraged bands to embrace diversity. From the length and breadth of the country, bands have been showing up to play gigs, thankfully promoter's there in our main cities to facilitate this here, the U.K and Europe. I also want to acknowledge Limerick's, Zealot Cult who hit the USA to play a series of gigs as well. While I'm on about Limerick, Bad Reputation and DME Promotions combined to hire out King Johns Castle to host Amon Amarth and Behemoth, one of many highlights of the year for me, along with Rotting Christ hitting Cork for the terrific Monolith Festival, the success of the Siege of Limerick and the Invictus 20 year bash. One can only hope someone will document it in a book next year, I'd like to think the Podcast's certainly captured alot of the vibe of 2019 and I'm so happy to be able to promote the scene here and through Pure Rock Radio in Canada. In picking my compilation, I wanted to include as many bands as I could and to promote the diversity that exists in our scene. I wasn't always into Sludge, Post Metal, Doom, Black metal etc but I have kept a complete open mind going into gigs to watch these bands and have benefited enormously because of it. So having a time frame does tend to confine my selection and it makes it so difficult to leave out some bands therefore apologies if some releases didn't make the cut. Finally I'm so happy to be in the position to release this compilation to the many countries that I have listeners in, thank you all who have loved the show and for your continued support here in Ireland and further afield; shout outs to my listeners who downloaded the shows in Russia, Brazil, Australia, Israel, India, South Africa and many more who love Metal!!!

  1. Ten Ton Slug: Hunting Ground
  2. The Crawling: Still No Sun
  3. Lock Horns: Pages
  4. Svet Kant: Personae Contra Natura
  5. Coroza: Scaltheen
  6. Dirty Casuals; Psychedelic Earworm
  7. The Last Vinci: Nemisis
  8. Red Sun Alert: Live Laugh Love
  9. Arjuna's Eye: Echolocation
  10. Horrenda: Nerve Gas
  11. Vircolac: Titan
  12. Zhora: Ruthless Bastards
  13. Xero: Endless Fall
  14. Following The Signs: Say Goodbye
  15. Nomadus: Apex Breath
  16. Elder Druid: Golgotha

All rights to the songs belong to their respective owners. Permission was granted for use of the tracks and thanks to all the bands featured on this compilation.

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