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Episode 43: The Siege of Limerick 2019 Samhain Special with Brendan McConnell of Vircolac.

November 7th, 2019

The Metal Cell was delighted to have a beer and a chat with guitarist Brendan McConnell of Dublin Death Metal band Vircolac. Brendan offered a great insight into the recording of their latest release of Masque, tour plans are discussed with exclusive news for a tour next year for Vircolac. We talk about Brendans guitar heroes some obvious some not and even weasels are brought into the mix! The Irish Death Metal Scene is certainly as strong as ever and Brendan is one of many great characters enjoying the buzz of playing Death metal for you!

Songs: Titan & So I Hang From a Wretched Tree (c) Vircolac, 2019 all rights reserved.

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