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Episode 44: The Crawling. Andy Clarke (guitars/vox) recorded interview live at The Triskel Art Theatre Cork.

November 7th, 2019

The Metal Cell was delighted to sit down with Andy of The Crawling in the beautiful surrounds of The Triskel. I was fascinated about the many roles he undertakes to help make The Crawling one of the most important bands in the Irish Metal scene. We talk about his Vlogs, production work, creating the bands videos and his work with Kerri and brother Paul from Grindscene Records. The Crawling have put down a busy year with tours both here and the U.K. Andy gives us a great insight into the previous eleven months including cassette launches, reporting at Bloodstock and dodgy Walkmans. It's a great interview and Andy is without doubt a key member of our Metal community so enjoy, convert and share.

Songs: Wolves and the Hideous White & A Time For Broken Things (c) The Crawling, 2019 all rights reserved.

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