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Episode 42: The Siege of Limerick 2019 Samhain Special with Dictated: Sonja (guitars) and Jessica (bass)

November 3rd, 2019

The Metal Cell was delighted to welcome founding members Sonja (guitars) and Jessica (bass) of Dictated on the show. Having been blown away after watching Hypso, it was a pleasure to have a chilled out conversation with them, whilst supping on a beer or two before their much anticipated appearance at the Siege. Sonja and Jessica gave a great insight into the new album Phobos and the people involved, who helped make it one of the best reviewed Death Metal albums of the year so far. Dictated are about to embark on a few months of touring and promoting Phobos so naturally I was filled with great pride that they chose Ireland to launch the album. The Podcast wouldn't be complete without the usual laugh out loud moments and interesting stories by the band. Dictated love Ireland and it shows in this interview.

Songs: Hypso & Atychi (c) Dictated, 2019 all rights reserved.

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