The Metal Cell Podcast

Episode 41: The Siege of Limerick 2019 Samhain Special with Nomadus: Neil (guitars) and Fredy (vox/guitars)

November 3rd, 2019

The Metal Cell Podcast was delighted to sit down and have a chat with Neil (guitars) and Fredy (vox/guitars) of Nomadus. The lads are off to a flyer with their band, having won over lots of fans with their Metal to the Masses final appearance and about to play in front of an eager crowd at The Siege of Limerick. Nomadus have secured support slots to The Crawling and Elder Druid so the future looks very positive for these Northern Irish Riff Lords. I can only hope they will back up the credentials with an early release next year to showcase their mastery of the riff.

Songs: Apex Breath (c) Nomadus, 2019 all rights reserved.

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