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Episode 270: Solothurn: Ryan (Vocals), Dee & Simon (Guitars) of the Alt-Metal Belfast band, talk to me about their brilliant debut ep release, 'Servitude'.

December 8th, 2023

Solothurn are an Alt-Metal band based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, consisting of Ryan Adair (Vocals)
Dee Cleland (Guitars), Simon Beggs (Guitars), Ross Hunter (Bass)& Marty Elley (Drums). Solothurn formed in 2022 and they are all experienced members of the Metal scene appearing in bands like Involution, Electric Red, Annapurna, Toska and Mondo Generator. (
I was delighted to invite Ryan, Dee and Simon on the podcast to chat about their brilliant debut EP release 'Servitude' and listen to the lads as they filled me in on the inception of the band, the recording of 'Servitude' and what to expect off them in 2024. Solothurn are another incredible new addition to an Irish Metal scene that's literally brimming full with talented musicians and artists. Solothurn play Pharmacia in Limerick on Dec 15, 2023.
Check out their EP link here:
Songs played:

  1. Sentience Fades © Solothurn, all rights reserved.
  2. War © Solothurn, all rights reserved.
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