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Episode 271: 12 Gauge Outrage: Richie, Ciaran, Bryan & Mike join me to talk about their latest killer EP Sirens and future plans in 2024.

December 15th, 2023

It was a pleasure to welcome Richie Harpur (Guitars), Ciaran Foley (Guitars & Lead Vocals) Bryan Steacy (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Mike Howlin (Drums) of 12 Gauge Outrage, purveyors of killer Metal from the southeast of Ireland! The lads join me on the show to talk about their excellent latest EP 'Sirens' (ranked at number 7 in The Metal Cell Best of 2023). We also talked about the recording of their live album which will be released in 2024, the Metal Scene when they started out, setting up their own promotion company and there's plenty of shout outs to some of their favourite bands! Hope you enjoy the show, if you did please hit 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel.
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Control © 12 Gauge Outrage, all rights reserved.
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