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Episode 241: The Crawling: Andy Clarke of Doom/Death metal band The Crawling gives us a track by track preview of their incredible third album 'All of this for Nothing'.

July 28th, 2023

It was a pleasure to welcome back Andy Clarke (Guitarist/Vocalist) of Doom/Death metal band The Crawling to the show. The three piece band comprised of Andy, Stuart Rainey (Bass) and Gary Beatie (Drums) are about to release their incredible third album, a masterpiece of doom infused grief and melancholy 'All of this for Nothing'. The album is a journey that focuses on the realization life is finite. Many aspects of life cause heartache, hardship, and misery. The tracks here explore the reasons and rationale for putting ourselves through such things when eventually it will all end in a black void … and all of this for nothing. Myself and Andy go through the album track by track and you will get an remarkable insight into the particular characteristics and long hours that drove Andy into making the best album The Crawling have ever put out! Be sure to check out The Crawlings Bandcamp page for the jaw dropping variety of Merch and album formats on the link below. 'All of this for Nothing' out on August 4, 2023. If you enjoyed the episode please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel. Thanks, Richie.
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