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Episode 242: Solo Artists Pt.4. Adrian Foley of Necrokinesis, Red Cocoran of Necrotized & Roan Hynes of Terror Syndrome.

August 4th, 2023

It was a pleasure to welcome Adrian Foley of Necrokinesis, Red Cocoran of Necrotized & Roan Hynes of Terror Syndrome to the show for part four of my series featuring Irish Metal solo artists. Adrian had been previously on with his other project, the brilliant Melodic Death Metal release: 'The Ancient Dark' ep. Having returned to his thrash roots for the second incredible Necrokinesis album 'A Force Made Flesh' which drops on August 5th, it was a perfect time to catch up with the ex-Stereo Nasty guitarist. Shane 'Red' Cocoran is well known in the Kilkenny Metal Scene, having been in Crucifracture, Grot, Oncology and Putrefy. So I was really intrigued to hear his first solo offering as Necrotized, with the release of some gruesome Death Metal in the shape of the 'Eternal Perversion' LP which dropped during May this year. The youngest guest I've had on the show for quite a while is Roan Hynes, an eighteen year old from Cork who has been creating waves in the scene already having a glut of releases since 2021. Playing a mixture of synthwave and Metal, Roan is steadily building a following of fans both here in Ireland and further afield, check out his excellent current release Vol.2: Fear Surge. Despite what you may imagine confines a solo artist to playing live, Roan has already two gigs under his belt as a one man show under Terror Syndrome and he is definetly one to watch in this exciting time for Irish Metal. Hope you enjoy the interview with Adrian, Red and Roan, please 'SUBSCRIBE' to the podcast and give it a rating on whatever platform you listen to it on. Thanks, Richie.
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Songs played:
Long Cold Dark © Necrokinesis, all rights reserved.
A Force Made Flesh © Necrokinesis, all rights reserved.
Dismembered Delicacy © Necrotized, all rights reserved.
Basement Impalement © Necrotized, all rights reserved.
Fear Surge © Terror Syndrome, all rights reserved.
The Dullahan (feat. Foraoisí gan Iniúchadh) © Terror Syndrome, all rights reserved.

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