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Episode 240: Sligo Whiplash Festival: Benny Murrin (Promoter), Ren Marabou & The Beserkers, Howard of The Magnapinna.

July 20th, 2023

It was a pleasure to welcome Benny Murrin, Promoter and co-founder of the Sligo Whiplash Festival along with two bands that are featuring on the bill, Ren Marabou & The Beserkers and Howard of The Magnapinna. There was a lot to catch up on so Benny gave us an overview on the history of the festival, the line-ups and the venue itself. I talk to Ren about their latest single and welcome the newest members to his band, Terence on drums and Cass on Bass. Howard gives us an update on what to expect from The Magnapinna on the day of the festival and tour plans. In between all that there is plenty of craic and Sligo Whiplash content! Hope you enjoy the podcast and be sure to 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel if you haven't already.
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Music played:
The Journeys Of Rig © Ren Marabou & The Beserkers, all rights reserved.

I Kennedy © The Magnapinna, all rights reserved.

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