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Episode 234: Safe Gigs Ireland. Dola Twomey (Project Lead of Safe Gigs Ireland), Ciara Hayes (Relapse Promotions), Danielle & Letty (The Metal Cell Podcast)

June 23rd, 2023

It was a pleasure to welcome Dola of Safe Gigs Ireland and Ciara of Relapse Promotions Cork to the show. Joining us also were my co-hosts Danielle & Letty to discuss a relatively new initiative set up by Dola and her team to make gigs and nightlife safer, for everyone. Safe Gigs Ireland want to eliminate discrimination and sexual violence in nightlife by creating a zero-tolerance environment for all forms of violence and unacceptable behavior. Safe Gigs Ireland ask that all venues, event and festival organizers, promoters, crew, artists, staff, security and attendees who sign up to share the same goal by agreeing to promote Safe Gigs for everyone, tackle sexual violence and discrimination in your environment through zero tolerance and support those around you to ensure everyone has a good night out, free from harm.
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