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Episode 235: The Metal Cell Forums: Join myself, Danielle, Howard & Letty as we talk about topics related to our favorite music...METAL! Single reviews and topic of the night is...who are the new potential festival headliners!

June 30th, 2023

A really enjoyable Forums this month after a short break. I was delighted to welcome Letty to her first Forums along with the regulars Danielle & Howard. We reviewed four new releases by Aesect, Koma, Humanity Check and Strangers With Guns. The topic of the night was a discussion on what upcoming Metal bands are ready to take the mantle as festival headliners on stages across the world. Please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel and leave your comments below if you enjoyed any of the things you heard on this weeks episode. Thanks Richie.
Songs played:
Of Dionysus and the Vine © Koma, all rights reserved.
Built to Kill © Humanity Check, all rights reserved.
Time Enough At Last © Strangers with Guns, all rights reserved.
Revolutionary Suicide Final © Aesect, all rights reserved.

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