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Episode 212: Unmaker. Aaron (Vocals/Guitars), Sean (Guitars) & Jake (Drums) give us an exclusive insight into their soon to be released brutally heavy album 'Limb from Limb'.

January 20th, 2023

I was delighted to welcome Aaron (Vocals/Guitars), Sean (Guitars) & Jake (Drums) of thrash/groove metal band Unmaker to the show. The three piece have had an incredible year with plenty of gigs under their belts. An impressive debut on the main stage opening up The Siege of Limerick, releasing three singles, completing an album and being awarded 'Best New Metal Act' from us here at The Metal Cell are a few examples of a busy 2022 for the band.
We get an exclusive track by track on the brutally heavy and violent album 'Limb from Limb' which won't be hitting the shelves for another month or so. The lads are currently looking for a bassist and judging by the interest in the band, it won't be long before there will be a few festival appearances incoming in 2023. Hope you enjoyed the episode and hit 'SUBSCRIBE' to enjoy more episodes like this on The Metal Cell YouTube channel.
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