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Episode 211: Nomadus: I welcome Fredy (L.Guitars/Vox), Neil (R.Guitars), Carl (Bass) & Brett (Drums) to talk about their blistering thrash infused debut 'Axis Primordial' Irish Metal Album of the Year.

January 13th, 2023

It was a pleasure to welcome Fredy (L.Guitars/Vocals), Neil (R.Guitars), Carl (Bass) & Brett (Drums) of Nomadus on to the Podcast. When Nomadus unleashed their crushing thrash infused debut album 'Axis Primordial' on November 25, 2022, it was the album I always hoped they would make! With stellar performances from all the band members it quickly jumped up to number one on my album of the year playlist. But things were a lot different when I first met Fredy and Neil many moons ago on their first appearance at The Siege of Limerick. They seemed to have never ending problems with trying to get a settled line-up, until the addition of Carl on bass and later Brett on drums. All the pieces of the Nomadus puzzle finally fitted together with Josh over seeing the recording, mixing and mastering; 'Axis Primordial' is a nine-track pilgrimage through blistering riffs and ferocious vocals.
On this episode we get a track by track run through of the album from Nomadus and a lookback over a hectic 2022 including an appearance at Bloodstock! Hope you enjoy the episode and please 'SUBSCRIBE' to the Metal Cell YouTube channel. Thanks Richie.
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