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Episode 210: Jim Hodge (Vocalist) of sludge, grind and hardcore band Mastiff.

January 6th, 2023

It was a pleasure to welcome Jim Hodge (Vocalist) of sludge, grind and hardcore band Mastiff. I witnessed Jim and his band Mastiff put on a face melting performance at Damnation Festival in 2022. Mastiff have had the music press across the UK bestowing praise on them for the 2021 release, 'Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth'. It's a crushing mixture of raging doom/hardcore/sludge that builds upon all their previous releases since they formed in 2013. I happened to met Jim after the gig and ended up having a great chat with him. When he said he had visited Cork before, the invitation was immediately handed out to come on the show to talk about his band, his life and that infamous visit to Cork. Hope you enjoy the episode and hit 'SUBSCRIBE' to the Metal Cell YouTube channel, if you haven't already!
Link to Mastiff:
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