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Episode 209: The Metal Cell Forums End of Year Awards 2022.

December 30th, 2022

The best of Irish Metal in 2022! This episode was pre-recorded on the 12.12.22. Join myself, Danielle, Joe & Howard as we try to figure out who impressed us the most in the various categories listed below, throughout the year and what an incredible year it was! There was absolutely loads of releases, gigs and activity in our scene in 2022 compared to the previous problems through Covid related issues in 2021 so it really was something to celebrate as we got down to the difficult choices we faced in trying to pick out winners in the following categories:
Best Irish Metal Band, Best Irish Metal Single, Best Irish Metal EP, Best Irish Metal Album, Best Irish Metal Merch, Best Irish Metal Artwork on an release, Best Irish Metal Social Media, Best Irish Metal Live Act, Best Irish Metal Performance, Best Irish Metal Solo Project, Best Irish Metal Video, Best Irish Metal Riff/Catchiest track, Best Irish Metal New Act, Best International Album and Most Important Person (MVP) in the Irish Metal Scene.
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