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Episode 202: Sam Ellis (ex-Ilenkus) talks about crafting material for his new solo project Apogean Tide.

November 11th, 2022

Myself and Howard talk to Sam Ellis the guitarist/vocals of Ilenkus about his new project 'Apogean Tide'. Sam did everything himself - writing, recording, mixing, mastering and brought in Rory of Ilenkus to help with the drums/programing. We cover a lot of subjects in this chat, his time touring with Ilenkus, how he approaches his new solo work, what's it like to work on his own away from the dynamics of a band and what forms his ideas for lyrics. He readily admits that this is a learning experience with the end goal of him becoming a better producer. He is currently in the process of releasing a single every couple of months. Hope you enjoy the episode, if so hit 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel. Thanks Richie.
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Revolution is a a fallacy (c) Sam Ellis of Apogean Tide, all rights reserved.
Navigators (c) Sam Ellis of Apogean Tide, all rights reserved.

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