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Episode 201: Yurt: Boz, Bushey & Steve of sonic elders Yurt talk about the release of the upcoming brilliant fifth album 'Upgrade to Obsolete'.

November 4th, 2022

Myself and Howard welcomed the three sonic elders of Yurt to the show: Boz (Bass/vocals), Bushey (Drums) and Steve (Guitars/backing vocals). The lads are veterans of the Dublin underground punk/metal scene, having played in so many different bands and having being able to go to gigs since their early teens. It was almost inevitable that their paths would cross through their love of music. From creating fanzines and incredible art, Boz gives us an insight into his creative side along with his unique writing style. Steve gives us a run down on his rig and guitars that he used on the upcoming album 'Upgrade to Obsolete'. Bushey talks about some of his heroes on drums and we investigate the jazz elements that may influence his playing. Yurt defy categorisation despite myself and Howards best attempts, instead just sit back and relax as we do a track by track preview of the album with the lads as we build up to their album launch on the 12/11/22 in the Bello Bar, Dublin. If you enjoyed this episode and want to hear/see more like it please 'SUBSCRIBE' to the show on The Metal Cell YouTube channel.
All songs played on this episode (c) YURT, all rights reserved.
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