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Episode 200: The Siege of Limerick Special - Samhain MMXXII with John of Bad Reputation & Steve of Grey Stag.

October 28th, 2022

Two hundred podcasts on Irish Metal are now officially done and we are joined by one half of The Siege of Limerick team, Mr.John Real. It's always a pleasure to have John on the show and his immense contributions to the Limerick scene and beyond always makes for a interesting episode. Steve Walsh of Grey Stag is another friend of the show so it was brilliant to catch up with the Riff Lord as they prepare for a main stage slot in the Siege. I run through my picks of the day and there's plenty of great contributions from the guests and co-hosts. Hope you enjoyed the episode and I think it's rather fitting that the 200th one falls on the weekend of The Siege of Limerick. Remember to 'SUBSCRIBE' to the show and thanks for your support! Richie.

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