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Episode 195: Fornoth: Daire (Vox/Bass) Charlie & John (Guitars) and Lachlan (Drums) discuss riffs, gigs & 'Bog' metal.

September 23rd, 2022

It was a pleasure to welcome Daire (Vox/Bass) Charlie & John (Guitars) and new drummer Lachlan of Fornoth to the show. Fornoth have been building up a large following of fans over the past year with an well received appearance in Bloodstock coming off the back of with two terrific releases in April: 'From Across the Moors' e.p and 'Whispers Among the Trees' acoustic e.p. They lay claim to the term 'Bog Metal' but their sound is far more expansive than that as you can imagine; with influences ranging from Agalloch, Mastodon and Horselips thrown in for good measure. We cover a lot of subjects, including a conversation about their new release 'The Ferryman & The Lock Keeper' along with another track 'Stranger to the Sea'. Exciting things are on the horizon for fans of this brilliant Irish Metal band and I hope you take the time to check out their releases on the Bandcamp link I've posted below. If you enjoyed the episode please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel to get more interviews like this. Thanks, Richie.
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'The Ferryman & The Lock Keeper' (c) Fornoth, all rights reserved.
'Stranger to the Sea' (c) Fornoth, all rights reserved.

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