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Episode 12: Partholón. Howard talks about recording the new album, The Siege, the Irish Metal scene and his own personal journey.

May 5th, 2019

The Metal Cell Studio was delighted to spend an entertaining few hours in the company of Howard, the hugely talented and accomplished vocalist & guitarist from Partholón. Howard has been involved in playing music in Cork with various bands for over 22 years, which allows him to share his perspective with me on the current status of the metal scene. He explains the responsibility he places upon himself as an musician and an artist, his hopes, frustrations and ambitions which drive him to complete the Partholón album for a future release late this year. It was a great interview and plenty of laughter ensued as well.
Shout outs to: Magnus and Cult of Luna, Ten Ton Slug, Zealot Cult, Zhora, God Alone, Archaós, Pavol from Soothsayer, Last Light Recording Studio's, Seanie from Unyielding Love, Red Sun Alert, One Hundred Year Old Man, Na Cruithne, Coroza, Damage Grows, Mark from Paranoid Beast, Pyre Promotions, The Magnapinna and Stu.

Songs featured: All We Are & The Hunt (c) Partholón, 2019 all rights reserved.

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