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Episode 13: Coroza. Riff merchants Ciaran Coghlan and Jack O'Neill discuss the bands six month hiatus, recording new material and preview of two tracks from the yet to be released new album “Chaliceburner”

May 16th, 2019

The Metal Cell Studio is proud to announce that Coroza are back to bring the heaviness to bear on the Irish Metal Scene with an exclusive preview of two tracks off their yet to be released new album “Chaliceburner”. The first song to open the episode is the actual title track “Chaliceburner” Heaviness rests well in the arms of Coroza and this is a fine example of a band that deliver it in huge slabs. Closing the show is the instrumental track “Scaltheen” sure to level any audience and leave them slack jawed in a drooling mess when that saxophone kicks in. Absolutely blown away by these two songs and remember they're not fully mixed yet but if this is a taster then we all can look forward to another huge release from one of our own flying the flag for Irish Metal. Ciaran and Jack delve into the time frame its taken to navigate through replacing a band member, recording an album, side projects and emerging through the other side ready to go for the jugular with a series of gigs right through the summer.

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