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Episode 57: Zhora. Tom Woodlock talks about "Mortals" their new release with Hostile Media due out on 27/03/20.

January 30th, 2020

It was great to welcome one of the best drummers of the Irish Metal Scene to the studio last Saturday. Tom and Zhora have released a vicious single called Coke Vulture which knocked us all on our arses and should herald another massive step forward for one of the biggest drawing Metal bands in Ireland. Tom talks about the recording of the new album "Mortals" and the emotions that are forged into those songs. The discussion talked about the frustration of something that’s controlling you or someone you care about, inner demons and trying not to be consumed by the surrounding darkness. Tom is brutally honest and it's an absolute relief to hear he accepted the turmoil and Zhora created something that channelled those feelings into songs that brought Tom health and happiness. It's what makes him human. It's what makes him Mortal. Enjoy the episode and if you like it leave a rating please!

Song featured: Coke Vulture (c) Zhora. All rights reserved and used by permission.

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