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Episode 104: Corrupt Moral Altar. John Cooke (Guitars) and Tom Dring (Drums) discuss the release of their ferocious new E.P Patiently Waiting for Wonderful Things.

December 31st, 2020

Myself and Jack met up with John Cooke (Guitars) and Tom Dring (Drums) of Corrupt Moral Altar to discuss the release of their ferocious new e.p "Patiently Waiting for Wonderful Things". Their mix of grind, sludge, punk and hardcore has won them admirers in the U.K since 2012. We also talk to John about his tours with Napalm Death, Venomous Concept and Anaal Nathrakh as a live guitarist and Tom, who runs Vagrant Recordings, where he produces a whole manner of filth for bands like Venom Prison, Venomous Concept and Video Nasties. Corrupt Moral Altar want to play Ireland so hopefully they'll bring their sludge/grindcore for fans of the scene here in 2021. Share, like and subcribe to the Podcast. Thanks Richie.
Songs featured and permission granted:
Spirit Breaker (c) Corrupt Moral Altar, 2020 all rights reserved.

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