The Metal Cell Podcast

Episode 4: Danny Fitzgerald of Pethrophile Promotions on reviving the metal scene and burrito's in Cork.

March 18th, 2019

The Metal Cell was delighted to welcome Danny Fitz of Pethrophile Promotions to the studio last week. Danny and his team have been vital in keeping the metal scene alive and healthy since 2015 in Cork, hosting gigs in venues like Fred Zeppelins and An Spailpin Fanach. In this episode he discusses the success of the Urban Assault Festivals and the effort it takes to organize them, the bands that he has worked with and upcoming gigs for Pethrophile Promotions like Dead Label on the 23rd of March An Spailpin Fanach and Metal United Worldwide in Cypress Avenue June 15th. Shout outs to Jim from Dity Casuals, Julia from Red Sun Alert, John in Irish Metal Archives, Warren at Claycastle Studios in Youghal, our own Irish bands Cruachan, Coroza, Zhora, Na Cruithne, Ten Ton Slug, Partholon, Bailer, Jenova, God Alone and our Scottish brothers in metal Razor Sharp Death Blizzard. So grab a burrito from Boojum and chill out with us for the next 47 mins. \m/

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