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Episode 31: Jim Tobin legendary Irish and Maltese promoter, web designer, and owner of Metall Insula Promotions and Backlines.

August 23rd, 2019

Jim Tobin took some time out from his holiday in Ireland to reminisce about his experience as a promoter and musician based in Cork before moving to his new country of residence Malta. He had to build up his promotions company and web design business from scratch under the blistering heat whilst still avoiding burns on that pale Irish skin. In between that there's plenty of stories from the Cruiscin Lan, local bands, international bands, festivals and the Irish Metal Archive. Another huge plus is the fact now that Jim wants to bridge the gap between Irish bands and Maltese bands by bringing acts over to Malta and vice a versa. So there's plenty to listen to and Jim was a fascinating guest to have on the show. Enjoy.

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