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Episode 283: The Metal Cell Forums Live YouTube Stream for February 2024.

February 12th, 2024

Welcome everyone to The Metal Cell Live YouTube Stream for February. Joining me was Danielle, Evan, Howard, Letty and our special guest was Pat O'Regan ex-host of The Smashing Skull Sessions. We talk to Pat about his incredible two years as host and some of the fantastic bands he had on. Pat had a huge influence on converting many of us to the very unique and insanely talented musicians that inhabit the post metal/post rock scene worldwide. We delve into some of Pats favourite memories as well as some great stories. Pat has handed over the torch to new host Letty for a different direction musically and Letty will put her own unique stamp on The Smashing Skull Sessions, as Pat did. We also talk about a few positive changes to The Metal Cell in relation to episode output and creativity. The topic of the night was a look at and cost breakdown of some of our favorite festivals to look forward to in the summer months of 2024. Thanks as always for the support and please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell/Smashing Skull Sessions YouTube channels! Thanks, Richie.

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