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Episode 258: Pre-Siege of Limerick Special Podcast. Joining us is Ciaran Culhanne, of Bad Reputation/Siege of Limerick.

October 22nd, 2023

It was a pleasure to welcome Ciaran Culhanne, of Bad Reputation/Siege of Limerick, onto the show on a pre-recorded Facebook Stream. Ciaran talks about how it has developed over the years, tips for bands and fans that are hitting the Siege for the first time, how he plans his day, some great stories and many more interesting insights into what to expect for 'Siege of Limerick Smahain MMXXIII' Joining me on co-host duties were Danielle, Howard & Letty. Big shout out to John Real, the other half of Bad Reputation who couldn't make the show because his wife Sorcha gave birth to twin boys! This show is dedicated to John, Sorcha, Olivia, Oscar & Louis Real.
Songs played:
LaVein: Your hate is not ours © all rights reserved.
Slung from a Tree: Blazed and Confused © all rights reserved.
Settler: Smarm Offensive © all rights reserved.
Grave Sermon: Whited Sepulchre © all rights reserved.
Domhain: A Silent Frequency © all rights reserved.
Nømadus: Apex Breath © all rights reserved.
Dog Tired: The Red Verse © all rights reserved.
Saint Slaughter: Got the right © all rights reserved.
Gama Bomb: Speed Funeral © all rights reserved.
God Alone: etc © all rights reserved.

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