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Episode 237: DAMIM: Nathanael Underwood vocalist & guitarist with the blackened death metal band talks about 'World Turned Hell' EP, writing music, comics & upcoming gigs.

July 7th, 2023

It's always a pleasure to talk to Nathanael Underwood vocalist & guitarist with Damim. The last time we met was at the Siege of Limerick this year, he was there as a spectator soaking up the unique atmosphere that only the Siege can conjure up. Damim played there in October 2022, where his band unleashed their furious blend of blackened death metal on a captive audience. Nathanael told me that they were readying an EP called 'World Turned Hell', composed of two new studio tracks with two live recordings, so the invite was issued to come on the Podcast when the EP was released. We talk about this brilliant release, their fantastically unique comic series 'The Bloodied' along with what Damim have planned for the rest of the year. Hope you enjoy the interview and please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel.
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World Turned Hell © Damim, all rights reserved.
To Catch a Falling Knife © Damim, all rights reserved.

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