The Metal Cell Podcast

Episode 229: Metal & Art Pt.4. The role of the Tattooist featuring Ross Daly (IRL) & Marvin Silva (USA).

May 19th, 2023

It was a pleasure to welcome Ross Daly (IRL) & Marvin Silva (USA) onto the show to talk about their profession as tattooists and the influence that Metal has in their lives in part 4 of a series I have done dedicated to artists that create art and love Metal. A friendship formed out of working as professional tattooists, I talk to Ross and Marvin about their love of art, how they got into the world of creating tattoos for paying customers, what inspires them and some of the music that influenced them to play in and form bands. Ross and Marvin were fantastic guests and share some hilarious stories whilst also talking about some of the many milestones they have achieved working in a profession that can often consume hours of painstaking work in a pressurised environment. I hope you enjoyed the episode and please SUBSCRIBE to The Metal Cell YouTube channel if you want to see more interviews like this. Check out the brilliant work that Ross and Marvin do on the links below.

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