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Episode 226: The Forums: Myself, Danielle, Evan & guest co-host Steve Walsh (Grey Stag) talk about Irish Metal!

April 28th, 2023

The Forums: Join myself, Danielle, Evan & guest co-host Steve Walsh (Grey Stag) as we talk about topics related to our favorite music...METAL!
We reviewed five new tracks from Cursed Sun, Tusk, Settler, Shadows Calling & Outsound. There was a few topics that came up during the night, we took a look at digital fanzines and Sarah Nuttall work Machina Kore (link below). Naturally we re-visited the wonderful Siege Of Limerick Festival and discussed the many aspects of it, from working with in ear monitors, bouncers, the varied age of the crowd attendance and performances on the day. So hopefully you'll enjoy this episode and if you want us to look at other topics in the Metal scene please comment below. As always thanks for your support and do hit that 'SUBSCRIBE' button if you haven't already on The Metal Cell YouTube Channel. Thanks Richie.
Songs featured and permission granted
Devil's Night (c) Cursed Sun, 2023 all rights reserved.
We The People (c) Tusk, 2023 all rights reserved.
Smarm Offensive (c) Settler, 2023 all rights reserved.
Spirit Shifter (c) Shadows Calling, 2023 all rights reserved.
Hardcore Daisy (c) Outsound, 2023 all rights reserved.
Sarahs link

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