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Episode 218: The Forums: Join myself, Evan & Joe as we talk about topics related to our favorite music...METAL!

March 3rd, 2023

After some great interviews over the last few weeks and some chart success as well it was nice to kick back and relax with Evan and Joe on The Forums. Unfortunately Danielle had to drop out, due to work commitments but as they say the show must go on! We reviewed four new tracks from Collapser, Ropemaker, Terror Syndrome and Nebularis. The topic of the night was a really interesting chat about the options out there for music education, roles in bands and band management. So hopefully you'll enjoy this topic and if you want us to look at other topics comment below. As always thanks for your support and do hit that 'SUBSCRIBE' button if you haven't already on The Metal Cell YouTube Channel. Thanks Richie.
Songs featured and permission granted
Whalegasm (c) Collasper, 2023 all rights reserved.
The Dullahan (c) Terror Syndrome, 2023 all rights reserved.
Cataclysm (c) Nebularis, 2023 all rights reserved.
Paean (c) Ropemaker, 2023 all rights reserved.

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