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Episode 198: God is an Astronaut: Torsten Kinsella (Guitars/Pianos/Synths) discusses his involvement in the music scene and the 20th anniversary of God is an Astronaut's debut album 'The End Of The Beginning'.

October 14th, 2022

It was a pleasure to welcome Torsten Kinsella (Guitars/Pianos/Synths) of God is an Astronaut to the show. The Irish instrumental/post-rock behemoths have been around for over two decades, and for this special podcast we get to discuss and celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album 'The End Of The Beginning'. Myself and Pat O' Regan of The Smashing Skull Sessions chat to Torsten about the latest live interpretation of the album, where the band breathe new life into the record, showcasing how God Is An Astronaut have evolved since their inception.
We also get to chat about the Irish and International music scenes, where Torsten gives a candid and very honest opinion on both. This and many more topics are discussed, so if you enjoyed the show please hit that 'SUBSCRIBE' button.
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Point Pleasant (c) God is an Astronaut, all rights reserved.
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