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Episode 197: The Metal Cell Forums with special guest Gavin McInally of Damnation Festival, Manchester.

October 7th, 2022

The Metal Cell Forums. Join myself, Danielle, Evan and Joe as we talk about bands and discuss topics related to our favourite music....METAL! In this episode we are joined by one half of the organisers of Damnation Festival, Gavin McInally. Damnation Festival is a one-day heavy metal music festival that was annually at the University of Leeds in England, and is organised by Gavin and Paul Farrington. The festival was originally held at Jilly's Rockworld in Manchester in 2005 and this November, it is moving back to the BEC Arena Manchester, which can hold over 4,500 people. We talk to Gavin about this years line-up, the ups and downs of organising such an impressive festival over the years and we get an insight into how bands make the line-up of Damnation.

We reviewed five quality releases from Eternal Helcaraxe, Foraoisí gan Iniúchadh, Koma, Cyanide Gems & Survivalist. Please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel if you enjoyed the show! Thanks Richie.
Tracks played:
Where Dead Things Roam Free (c) Eternal Helcaraxe all rights reserved
Pink Mist (c) Foraoisí gan Iniúchadh all rights reserved
Betrayed (c) Koma all rights reserved
Grit (c) Cyanide Gems all rights reserved
Rot (c) Survivalist all rights reserved
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